What are we doing here?

My mother told me when I was little that someday you would see my name on a book. She will be the first to tell you I always had a pencil and paper in my hands. I believe we are supposed to speak blessings over our children and my mother has done that since I was young...

The 20 minute plan; A New Year’s Resolution for success

Back on track, a fresh start, a new year. That’s how most of us wanted this morning to go. We wanted to get in our cars and drive off to work or get our kids on the bus and start putting the house back in order first thing this morning and have a productive day.… Continue reading The 20 minute plan; A New Year’s Resolution for success

Foster Care and your “circle”.

Foster care challenges your heart and your relationships. That’s the truth of it. Once that call comes and a child is on their way, your brain just starts spinning with the how and why- you begin logistically planning how to blend in another family member. That’s not to say that the  excitement of meeting a… Continue reading Foster Care and your “circle”.

‘Twas the season… to meet “Moose”

It was just after Thanksgiving, our big adoption had finalized that past year and things were really feeling “settled”. We hadn’t ended our time as foster parents entirely, knowing that we could provide respite to friends of ours and that we would have a quicker connection to any resources we would possibly need in the… Continue reading ‘Twas the season… to meet “Moose”