Time to rethink the end game.

Simplify. The world is busy, but we aren’t wired to always be in motion.

Sounds easier than it is – I know!

Single mama life doesn’t leave much room for the down time and breaks we all crave, but ultimately, we are raising these tiny beings into *hopefully* functional, healthy, adults who love Jesus. So, lets begin to test our days by the outcome we are seeking.

First, lets be honest, there are non-negotiables but many of the things on our plates we choose to put there. We felt that by adding them – it added value. It’s time to pause and consider now if it truly does.

  • Does this activity/ event/ routine cause me anxiety to get ready for consistently? Are the kids also showing signs of hesitation?
  • When I do this thing or when its part of my day, do I frequently miss out on other things that are also important? Is this truly the highest priority at that day/ time?
  • Do I feel better afterwards? Does my children’s behavior reflect contentment or frustration when this thing is done?
  • Is there something simple that can replace this complex activity for the same result?
    • Studying with or reading with your child vs. driving them back and forth to a tutor or other extra school help program
    • Playing football or soccer out back (maybe even with siblings) vs. an organized team
    • Letting them play on a playground vs. gymnastics/ soccer/ karate

Are we weighing the true cost of possibly overstimulating, overworking and overwhelming our kids with the value that can be found in simply doing less?

Sometimes the answer will be that we continue with this activity- the kids are learning a new skill or perfecting it and we simply can’t teach that ourselves. Or the other top reason- we made this commitment and we are following through for now.

But maybe its time to look through a new lens for the upcoming season of activities that are upon us;

  • Does this improve our health? Physically AND mentally.
  • Is this something that long term has a better pay off if we work through any discomfort with schedules, or routines now?
  • Will they get a college scholarship? Is there a long term future with this?
  • Does your child find joy in competing and performing?  
  • Are they social butterflies that need the team interaction?

Or…… should it be replaced with something simple?

We all have to make our own way when it comes to parenting but if there was a manual- I’d throw this page in there for you newbies.

You don’t have to do it all, see it all, and be everywhere all the time- while looking pretty, of course!

Your babies are taking it all in and there is plenty to be learned in the downtime and restful moments. So here’s another tip from the trenches. Less is often more! Raising children into adulthood happens either way- before all of the organized events and activities are added in. Feel free to let go of some of the weight and get back to basics.

Simplify for a season. See if your soul isn’t a little happier for it. And theirs too!


One thought on “Time to rethink the end game.

  1. No truer words! Time to take stock and make some decisions and have some conversations with kiddos about what they truly want to do.

    I’m glad you are writing again 🥰


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