Just what do you think you’re doing?

Let me tell ya what I think I’m doing-

I think I’m trying to be financially independent, content on a soul level, and leave behind a legacy of love when I’m through. (Health should get an honorable mention as well but that sometime takes a back seat when my soul is calling for ice cream… IYKYK)

I think unconventionally and brainstorm fiercely and I can’t tell you how often that combination has lead me to the conclusion that I should get in an RV and start driving, abandon traditional work and ride away from the scheduled chaos of everyday life.

Something about being barefoot by a creek bed or sitting by a bonfire with the fireflies stirs my desire to break free and see what more there must be to life.

And so that’s what I’m ultimately aiming for these days.

I’m not sure how it’ll happen or what comes next or even the first steps to take in which direction but I see the path leading toward what I want.

I was never good at settling for less than everything- So I’m working on all of it.

And that’s what I think I’m doing.

Just my thoughts today, no advice, no witty insight. Just dreamscaping and a look at the things in my heart.

Take care friends!


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