Even the vacuum is distressed!

“Me too Deebot, me too” I think as I’m searching all morning for a robotic vacuum that was sending out distress calls and then shut off because I took too long.

I can’t be the only one who has decided to just shut off or shut down once I’ve sent out so many unanswered distress signals, right? Part of that is just kind of “being a mom”. But what I am realizing and accepting more recently is that moms are people too!

I have a tendency to let the small stuff slide when it comes to my people. And by small stuff I mean anything that I didn’t have the energy to be confrontational about, or the energy to fix in the moment, or the desire to do what it takes to change long term.

All of it, literally everything, eventually gets categorized as small stuff because the daunting task of facing it all has piled up to a level of insurmountable.

  • The kids doing chores
  • The kids bedtime
  • The kids grades
  • Dinner time
  • Church attendance

All of the things in our own lives naturally slide once in a while and truly, when that happens it is small stuff! Unless it becomes more often than not OR forgotten altogether. Then we are not only sending out distress signals but we are moments away from shutting off!

We are much like the vacuum, which probably tore through some crazy stuff, ran over a few cords, dodged a few table legs without complaint before it finally just said “ENOUGH”.

So for those of you thinking- I’ve been sending out distress signals and I’m about to shut off- what now?

Its time to set your vacuum upright in an unobstructed path and hit “go” again. The best way for us to do that as mamas?

  1. WE DELEGATE – Surely not everything we want to control we need to control. So don’t.
  • WE PLAN- write it down, map it out, make visual aids (charts/ menus/ lists) Get yourself a Life Coach or trusted mentor to help establish this plan if its something you struggle with!
  • WE CALL ON OUR TRIBE- everyone needs a hand sometimes! Being honest and real with your closest people will help them know how and when to jump in. Don’t stop sending out those distress signals when you are in need. If my vacuum kept beeping instead of shutting off I would’ve found it (and helped it) sooner.
  • WE GIVE OURSELVES GRACE AND REST – maybe today is not the day. Maybe, like the vacuum, you just need to be done and hide away a bit more. Get some sleep, drink some water and start fresh tomorrow.
  • WE PRAY- Friend, God can give supernatural peace and rest when our bodies aren’t able to get much of it down here physically. So just talk to him. Seek peace and wisdom. Soak up his compassion and grace.

Currently my Deebot vacuum is humming away cleaning again, its happy and fulfilling its purpose. All it took was a small bit of help and direction. Are you happy and fulfilling your purpose? I certainly hope so! And if you are about to get things back on track like my vacuum today or tomorrow then I am wishing you all the best and routing you on from here!

Keep humming away and fulfilling your purpose friends!

PS If you think a robotic vacuum will help, try this one! And enjoy a huge discount!

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