Ain’t no better time coming – so start fighting for what you want!

When I wake up tomorrow-

If I land that new job-

Once all my bills are caught up-

When the kids don’t need me as much-

As soon as *insert “life thing” here* is settled.

The time is now. If you were waiting for a sign. This is it.

Here’s the funny thing about life- when you wake up tomorrow there will be different expectations and events and you’ll have to navigate those just like you’re navigating whatever you’ve got going on now. Once you land that job, you will likely need time to learn it, network, and settle in. When the bills are caught up? You’ll make more bills. YOUR KIDS? HA! They will always, always, always need you – and probably more than you can imagine once they start navigating adulthood.

So, if that is discouraging let me offer some insight and hope.

All of the reasons you’ve been “waiting for a better time” to make a change or try something new can be overcome!

Here’s the key-

  1. PRIORITIZE- If its truly important, make it important.
  2. DISCIPLINE- Make a promise to yourself and follow through consistently. Stop letting yourself down!
  3. BOUNDARIES- Keep naysayers and anyone who can’t be a support at a distance. Surround yourself instead with people you’d like to emulate.
  4. ALLOW YOURSELF TO FAIL ALONG THE WAY- Stop making it about perfection! Doing something is better than thinking about it over and over again. And how can anything that doesn’t exist yet be perfected or made better anyway?

I get it. Easier said than done. But years will fly by. Guaranteed. And either you’ll be looking back at your attempts or you’ll be looking back at your excuses.

You can sit in the audience and offer opinions on how to fight OR you can get in the ring and start taking some swings.

Personally, I’m gonna keep getting in the ring.

Take care friends!


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