10 ways to survive Spring Break with the kids (while still working from home)!

School’s out for the week and you know what that means!

              Endless days of quality time?

                             Picnic lunches on a beach?

                                           Adventures and vacations?

Not if you’re a working mama…right? Well, let me help!

Here are 10 ways to enjoy your Spring Break with your babies (children) while working from home!

  1. Pack a picnic lunch the night before and set out towels or a blanket in the living room within earshot of your computer. Talk it up before bedtime to build some excitement!
  2. Movie time- but create a tray of snacks to make it “official” and have the kids make “tickets”
  3. Dining room table fort building – take away any breakables from the tabletop, give those kids some blankets and let them create!
  4. Playground with Wi-Fi? If they are old enough to play independently for moments in between their questions and requests- send them off to play
  5. The local library! They can get on a computer or curl up with a good book– this is helpful when quiet time is needed during the workday.
  6. Mom swap or tackle in a group! Call on your tribe to see if working together with the kids’ wont help- extra hands make light work
  7. Crafting! But independently! Try this art kit which includes all they will need to keep busy for an afternoon! Of course you could build your own and put all the supplies in these clear containers as well! (I prefer clear so you can see the contents) or this caddy where everything is accessible!
  8. Dance party! If you’re not in need of quiet, let them ask Alexa! to play all of their favorite songs in another room while they try out some new moves (which they can show you later)
  9. Dress up! Assuming you aren’t in any active meetings – let the kids try on their wildest outfits and do an ongoing fashion show- yes, this means a lot of refolding and organizing UNLESS you set the parameters ahead of time
  10. And lastly- Take one morning or afternoon off and make it special! Pick something local that you don’t often get to do and enjoy it! Aim for later in the week so that you can use it as something to look forward too!

Don’t worry mama, the days go fast! Hang in there, you’re not alone! Try to find some joy in that chaos that Spring Break with littles can be.

Feel free to share any of your tips or tricks below for surviving Spring Break!


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