Just what do you think you’re doing?

Let me tell ya what I think I’m doing- I think I’m trying to be financially independent, content on a soul level, and leave behind a legacy of love when I’m through. (Health should get an honorable mention as well but that sometime takes a back seat when my soul is calling for ice cream…… Continue reading Just what do you think you’re doing?


Even the vacuum is distressed!

“Me too Deebot, me too” I think as I’m searching all morning for a robotic vacuum that was sending out distress calls and then shut off because I took too long. I can’t be the only one who has decided to just shut off or shut down once I’ve sent out so many unanswered distress… Continue reading Even the vacuum is distressed!

Ain’t no better time coming – so start fighting for what you want!

When I wake up tomorrow- If I land that new job- Once all my bills are caught up- When the kids don’t need me as much- As soon as *insert “life thing” here* is settled. The time is now. If you were waiting for a sign. This is it. Here’s the funny thing about life-… Continue reading Ain’t no better time coming – so start fighting for what you want!

Trusting the way maker

I love, love, love when the pieces start coming together, don’t you? When you have made your way up the mountain and you get to rest a second and a bigger picture starts to emerge. Especially after a long season in the valley filled with turmoil and difficulty! I found this morning that no matter… Continue reading Trusting the way maker

Leprechauns, The Easter Bunny, and other well intentioned “guests”

Let me set you free today! I want to share with you something I learned not too long ago that has transformed some of my holidays with the kids and certainly relieved the stress of covering the gifts, surprises, and the magical wonderland we are expected to create every time another Holiday rolls around. Your… Continue reading Leprechauns, The Easter Bunny, and other well intentioned “guests”

EIGHT tips to get CASH FAST!

Oh no! What do you do when football sign ups and field trip T-Shirts and the new best friends’ birthday weren’t in this month’s budget?!?!? I think its fair to say most people pull the funds for their "Thursday night hiccup in the budget" from whatever comes next and roll it over and over and… Continue reading EIGHT tips to get CASH FAST!

Time to rethink the end game.

Simplify. The world is busy, but we aren’t wired to always be in motion. Sounds easier than it is – I know! Single mama life doesn’t leave much room for the down time and breaks we all crave, but ultimately, we are raising these tiny beings into *hopefully* functional, healthy, adults who love Jesus. So,… Continue reading Time to rethink the end game.

Ugh. From Mom, with “love”

When it comes to how we speak to our children I believe that includes texting and social media. Can I offer you some advice from the trenches? Delete it. Rethink the long-term effects. Digital life and social media make temporary thoughts and emotions eternal and a lot of our responses to our teenagers are fleeting… Continue reading Ugh. From Mom, with “love”

2 Corinthians 12:9

I do not have the same baby pictures for all of you or the same quality time during the day to spend anymore. I can’t stretch any thinner a budget that is already spent so the time and money get parsed out first to the younger half (or the biggest emergency of a big kid).… Continue reading 2 Corinthians 12:9