EIGHT tips to get CASH FAST!

Oh no!

What do you do when football sign ups and field trip T-Shirts and the new best friends’ birthday weren’t in this month’s budget?!?!?

I think its fair to say most people pull the funds for their “Thursday night hiccup in the budget” from whatever comes next and roll it over and over and over and over- never truly getting ahead of their finances!

Let’s try something new. Let’s do something that either gets us in a better place financially or at least doesn’t make it worse!

Here are EIGHT ways to get cash fast for those financial hiccups that won’t leave you in a bind come budget time for next month. Stop having to factor in an additional credit card balance or the overdraft fees in the beginning of each month and try these things instead;

  • SAY NO! Easier said then done. But you may just need to stick to your guns for a bit so that you can get back on track.
  • VOLUNTEER. If you coach is there a cheaper fee? If I volunteer for field day will my child get a free shirt?
  • MAKE SOMETHING/ REGIFT. Can I create something meaningful rather than buy it? Do I have a practically new something to offer?
  • SELL YOUR STUFF. Look around- lots of “used-to-be-money” probably exists within your four walls, offer it up and get some cash!
  • SIDE GIG. Whether you have things you can make or fix or do. We all have something to offer and if you can find a way to monetize that, well, you’ll have those extra dollars you are seeking!
  • FIX AND REUSE. If its broke- fix it! If you can of course. Not everything should be trash bound as a first option. Some things are worth fixing and/or repurposing.
  • APPS, COUPONS, and PROMOS. No one wants all the spam mail but if you can filter it correctly you may find some really good deals to save some money or score some freebies! Even websites like Rakuten or iBotta will give you cash back on everything you were buying anyway!
  • REPURPOSE. Those organization videos you can’t stop watching with all the little bins- Who says you have to use bins or specific drawer dividers? Look around the house and make use of the things you have.

STOP ROBBING YOURSELF OF FINANCIAL FREEDOM! Tiny money fixes add up quickly. Either we start adding to our future or we continue taking from it. * If you’d like to discuss your budget or need help with a plan, I’d be happy to help! Feel free to send me a message


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