EIGHT tips to get CASH FAST!

Oh no! What do you do when football sign ups and field trip T-Shirts and the new best friends’ birthday weren’t in this month’s budget?!?!? I think its fair to say most people pull the funds for their "Thursday night hiccup in the budget" from whatever comes next and roll it over and over and… Continue reading EIGHT tips to get CASH FAST!


Ugh. From Mom, with “love”

When it comes to how we speak to our children I believe that includes texting and social media. Can I offer you some advice from the trenches? Delete it. Rethink the long-term effects. Digital life and social media make temporary thoughts and emotions eternal and a lot of our responses to our teenagers are fleeting… Continue reading Ugh. From Mom, with “love”

2 Corinthians 12:9

I do not have the same baby pictures for all of you or the same quality time during the day to spend anymore. I can’t stretch any thinner a budget that is already spent so the time and money get parsed out first to the younger half (or the biggest emergency of a big kid).… Continue reading 2 Corinthians 12:9

Putting my heart in check.

You know how sometimes someone says one thing or tells one story and ***poof*** something else in your brain clicks and you are surprised by those connecting synapses?? (I think Oprah deemed it an “aha moment”) Well- let me share one with you from last night’s conversations with friends. First, let me back up and… Continue reading Putting my heart in check.

Why Being in an Adoptive Family is Beautiful!

  .... The most beautiful thing about being part of an adoptive family? You are a public display and example for others of love. Creating your adoptive family isn’t without work and sacrifice and lots of time and energy, so when you are out and about and letting your light shine, make no mistake–it shows!… Continue reading Why Being in an Adoptive Family is Beautiful!

Party or Pass? The way we celebrate birthdays in a family of 12.

We have chosen to celebrate what we consider “big” birthdays for only certain years in our family. Why you wonder? The obvious answer would be…”Oh, with so many kids, I can see why you wouldn’t plan parties for each child for every birthday…the expense, the time...” But that is just not the case. Each of our… Continue reading Party or Pass? The way we celebrate birthdays in a family of 12.

When a teachable moment doesn’t appear on its own…

The other day I called a “family meeting”. On a laughable side note, I think the kids thought we might be welcoming yet another family member- in hindsight we’ve had these meetings before when something big is about to change, but I digress. This was not about a new family member, it was about US… Continue reading When a teachable moment doesn’t appear on its own…

832 Wednesday’s (Bobby’s 16th Birthday)

Dear Bobby, Tomorrow is Wednesday morning -we will get up around 6am, go about our busy morning routine of getting all you kids out the door then dad and I will head off to work. Or maybe we won’t, because there is a foot of snow in the forecast. Regardless of the weather, tomorrow would… Continue reading 832 Wednesday’s (Bobby’s 16th Birthday)

Teaching Your Child’s School About Adoption

Adoption can be a long process from start to finish, no matter how you go about it. Sometimes an adoption that is started in infancy isn’t finalized until preschool, and sometimes you don’t meet your precious child until they are already in the 5th grade. At some point, even years after a newborn adoption, questions… Continue reading Teaching Your Child’s School About Adoption