Leprechauns, The Easter Bunny, and other well intentioned “guests”

Let me set you free today! I want to share with you something I learned not too long ago that has transformed some of my holidays with the kids and certainly relieved the stress of covering the gifts, surprises, and the magical wonderland we are expected to create every time another Holiday rolls around.

Your kids imagination is the actual magic behind it all. Seems a little obvious, right? But I am beginning to think that a lot of mamas are setting up these elaborate and wild scenarios (that are hard to sustain over the years especially with multiple kids) and its burning them out instead of allowing them to truly enjoy the Holiday. And- even if you scaled it all back, your kids would still find the magic and fun in it.

Spoiler alert!

Your kids only remember the act of opening gifts (with few exceptions), they don’t remember what was in them years later.

Your kids will most likely laugh about the tooth fairy missing their house the first night if you forgot about it and leave their tooth under a pillow. (as long as you’re quick with a reason)

Your kids will have more fun creating a leprechaun trap when you let them create it and stay out of the way. They’ll probably even try to convince you they saw one!

Ultimately the reason they believe in any of the magic at all – is you! Its all the little things you do or create for them to enjoy day after day. Stop taking it so seriously and try to enjoy it with them. If you are overwhelming yourself – you’re just robbing all of this nonsense of the joy it can hold. And that’s what all of it is- nonsense.

Let me help. Did you know?

The tooth fairy can put your money in the stockings with Santa once a year because that’s easier (and it makes everyone laugh that the tooth fairy and Santa are friends). Also- no tiptoeing around sleeping kids and risking waking them up- bonus!

Santa can predetermine gifts before the kids make a list and you can tell the kids that! He knows what they’ll like and so when they open their presents they’ll get to see how well Santa knows them and you get to not worry about whether you got exactly what they wrote down for 99% of their desires.

The Easter bunny? Some years he comes when we are at the grocery store or after school or before we leave on vacation because rabbits can’t read calendars. How convenient!

And yea, I thought I saw that leprechaun too! Good thing they only come around the second week in March, after that we won’t need traps set up anymore because the leprechauns go back underground for the rest of the year. (save your sanity from cleaning up traps they build for the whole month!)

When it comes to all of these well-intentioned holiday “guests” just remember that the kids are the fun behind it all. No need for comparison or guilt or stress. Attempt to change it up, get creative and enjoy the fall out with some laughter! Reclaim the magic and fun and put aside the lofty expectations.

I would love to hear your stories or creative excuses when things go awry! Feel free to comment below.


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