Black Friday, Cyber Monday… put that shriveled credit card away! -15 (cheap) kids gifts for Christmas

  1. Coupons for Time, Tasks, or “get out of chores free”
  2. Sleigh riding hill- pre packed down and ready to go- make a flyer for your fabulous hill and wrap it in a box!
  3. Make them a scrap book page in a shadow box with photos of your favorite memories this year
  4. Bake stuff. Make brownies or cookies together- pack some up for your neighbors. This can be gifted with all of the ingredients in a bowl ready to add together and mix- with a bow!
  5. Can you sew? Repair their favorite pants, coats, or tote bag.
  6. Get in the car and go to a nearby development that has Christmas decorations strung everywhere- pack your hot cocoa to go!
  7. Dollar store your hair supply needs! Hair ties and head bands are practically disposable anyway and are lost all the time- get em’ cheap!
  8. Try to write a poem, or a “Top 10 reasons I love…” list and frame it with a department store frame
  9. Books! Shop a second hand bookstore for some excellent deals, then top this gift off with a pair of fuzzy socks. Tie the books up with a vintage ribbon so they know it was planned to be second hand on purpose.
  10. Have a kiddo interested in traveling? Pick up some guide books or travel brochures- sometimes you can request that tourist maps and books be mailed right to your home for free!
  11. How about a simple Christmas ornament? Try Google for directions and inspiration if you want to make it yourself!
  12. Make them a play list! You may have to purchase one or two of the newest songs, but lots of them are free or really cheap!
  13. Use travel size soaps and shampoos to make a small gift basket!
  14. Candy- whatever one is there favorite. You can’t go wrong with adding something sweet!
  15. Use your discount codes or points that you’ve saved up! You can get free photo calendars, or really cheap clothing items depending on what you’ve already spent with some retailers this year. Lord knows over the last weekend you must’ve earned something!

Good luck not breaking the bank! Tis the season to shop and spend smarter this year!

Also! Today is #GivingTuesday!!! What are some ways you and your kids can choose to give back after all the good fortune you’ve had obtaining all your steals and deals? Share some of your ideas in the comments!



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