The importance of a well-built village.

Bob and I have been working on rental properties for a few years now, it’s something we really take pride in and it’s something we try to include our children in as much as possible. Often when we get stuck on something that (even after watching some YouTube videos) still can’t be figured out, we always know that somewhere in our phone contacts “we have a guy for that”. Because at this point we have established a small network of reliable people who do excellent work so we can be assured they will get us back on track. These guys are hard to come by and oh, so important to us! It took years to build this network and we are happy to call them all friends as well.

But this isn’t just in property management people, this is in life.

Have you built your village? Who do you have in your phone contacts right now that can;

Deal with your sick baby so you can nap? Help you clean your house after a party? Listen with no judgement? Who would pour you a drink or two? What about someone who can make your face hurt laughing? Or someone who will cry with you? Someone who would rather hangout without your kids coming along? Will someone in your phone right now bring you groceries because they found a sale? Who would answer your kid’s phone call at 2am if needed? Who is praying for you? Who is routing you on?

I’ll even add something else for you to consider- you may need someone different for each part of your life, the marriage part, the mom part, the 9-5 working part (or take it hour by hour depending on how fast things are coming at you). 😉

Parenting. Marriage. Life. It takes a village. Networking serves more purpose than just in social media; networking is an important step in building the life you want. So get out there and smile at some people, make friends, start talking to the people in your path, in your circle. No one does it all alone. Not building houses. Not life.

This was never more true for us than this past year. Our friends are second to none. When life is coming at Bob and me, most of the time we don’t even have to call. Somewhere in our contacts, when Google doesn’t have the answers, we know “We’ve got a guy for that”.

Happy Wednesday Friends! Since there isn’t a Hallmark day for “Village Loving” like there should be- take some time today and reach out to your go-to guys! Let them know how important they are to your village.

(Or just share this post with them; they’ll get the hint because they know you)


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