I am the elf.


Now I know I don’t trash my house, or make up super cool plans of mischief and I am probably not nearly as adventurous as your Buddy or Dolly or Clementine that showed up right after Thanksgiving. But I am the elf of my house. I am Santa’s direct report. I see something shady going down by the toy box, I’ll make sure it’s noted on the naughty list- or if I recognize some valiant effort on your part to snap out your tantrum just a bit faster, I’ll make sure he gives you a gold star.

Wasn’t life easier when we could just pretend to call Santa directly? I could crash into bed at night during this busy holiday time literally right after the kid’s eyes closed. I certainly didn’t have to stay up thinking of new ways to wreak havoc on my already disheveled home in the name of Holiday spirit.

What I guess I’m saying is…another year with no elf at our house…

But for the sake of my sanity and full disclosure- you betcha’ we are watching your elves like crazy! I am using them as leverage every morning that you post a picture.

“See this elf right here? He just emptied all the toothpaste into the dog bowl…we better behave or Santa is going to send one of those little home wreckers here. And if you think this toothpaste issue is bad, imagine what he could do with your craft supply drawer? No sir, we better behave so that one of them never has to show up.”

I’m only half lying.

We really won’t be getting an elf this year, and that’s the truth. So keep those pictures coming this family is living vicariously through your energy and efforts right up through Christmas!




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