Monday like a Rock Star! Charts and ClipArt Save the Day!

Are you feeling like I am after a long holiday weekend? Not quite sure if you’ll ever be able to take on another week?

Have you lost your kids lunch box, possibly even there entire book bag and you are dreading that alarm clock tomorrow morning that will remind you that those items are missing??

Try something new! Make the kids help! Today I am talking about the littlest family members, the elementary age kids (and younger!) who are so easily under your feet in the morning and just seem to add chaos to a Monday!

Just because they can’t yet read or read well doesn’t mean we have to throw the To-Do list out the window. Make your To-Do list kid friendly with clip art. Simply make it obvious, a picture of a girl brushing her teeth… show your children the picture on the chart and instruct them to go brush their teeth or take them with you to brush their teeth. Children are quick learners! Eventually within a few days they will be sure to remind you to brush their teeth as they realize you are following the chart each morning. You can add things as you go or take them away when they are no longer relevant. No need for white boards and markers, or Velcro pictures that can be placed on the chart when complete. I mean, go ahead and get your Pinterest on if that suits you, but I am talking about eliminating as much chaos as possible and all that you truly need to start this chart system is the chart.

You know what else eliminates chaos? Drawer labels. Pictures taped to the outside of each drawer work; even a child as young as 2 years old, can grab a shirt or pants from their drawer when a picture of pants, shirts, pajamas or underwear are labeled on the outside. This promotes independence and allows you time to focus on something else while calling out directions to other children. For example, you are in the middle of changing the baby but you can tell your 3 and 5 year olds to go pick out their shirts for the day or have them go and check the chart to see what has to be done next.

Guess when else this little chart helps? Bedtime! Clip art has pictures of almost anything you include in your bedtime or morning routines.

Do you need to pack your library book?

Is your school snack packed?

Did you brush your hair or teeth?

Are you dressed for the day or for bedtime?

What other questions are you CONSTANTLY asking your kiddos that can be deferred to the chart?

So right about now you’re saying “Sure, sounds good, I’ll try it sometime when I have free time to make a chart”. The problem with that is, I know you! I am you! All of our efforts are too busy focusing on the moment at hand, to take the time and get the process right.

So here you go- I did it for you! Charts for morning and bedtime are attached to add at your house and drawer labels are below that you can cut and tape to the front of your child’s drawers. (Most tape residue will come off with soap and water when you no longer need this.)

Good Morning! Chart 

Bedtime! chart

Drawer Labels

So try it out! Work your Monday magic! See if you didn’t just save a small bit of your sanity, and if it works?

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