What Are 12 Ways To Grow Your Family? (Without Pregnancy!)

The definition of family is very broad, and the ways to grow your family are broad as well. In the most basic terms it is a social unit of bonded people, dwelling together, and living their lives alongside each other. We know that families have parents, children, in-laws, grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles. Some families consider their pets as members, others don’t. Some families are brought together through children, others by marriage, but all are formed by a social unit of people bonded together.

Everybody needs to feel like they belong; everybody deserves to have a special bond with others—it’s what makes us human on the most basic level. But what if the idea of children or adoption isn’t something you’re passionate about getting in to? What if you aren’t able to conceive naturally? Are there other ways to grow your family?

There sure are!

Read What Are 12 Ways To Grow Your Family? (Without Pregnancy!) on Fertility.org


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