Putting my heart in check.

You know how sometimes someone says one thing or tells one story and ***poof*** something else in your brain clicks and you are surprised by those connecting synapses?? (I think Oprah deemed it an “aha moment”) Well- let me share one with you from last night’s conversations with friends. First, let me back up and… Continue reading Putting my heart in check.


Why Being in an Adoptive Family is Beautiful!

  .... The most beautiful thing about being part of an adoptive family? You are a public display and example for others of love. Creating your adoptive family isn’t without work and sacrifice and lots of time and energy, so when you are out and about and letting your light shine, make no mistake–it shows!… Continue reading Why Being in an Adoptive Family is Beautiful!

Teaching Your Child’s School About Adoption

Adoption can be a long process from start to finish, no matter how you go about it. Sometimes an adoption that is started in infancy isn’t finalized until preschool, and sometimes you don’t meet your precious child until they are already in the 5th grade. At some point, even years after a newborn adoption, questions… Continue reading Teaching Your Child’s School About Adoption

What Is the Truth About Pregnancy After Adoption?

The journey of adoption is mentally exhausting. You plan for months or even years to bring home your new baby or child. You make sure everything is set up perfectly for their arrival, you get your paperwork in order, and you open your hearts and your home to caseworkers, among many others, just to make… Continue reading What Is the Truth About Pregnancy After Adoption?

What Are 12 Ways To Grow Your Family? (Without Pregnancy!)

The definition of family is very broad, and the ways to grow your family are broad as well. In the most basic terms it is a social unit of bonded people, dwelling together, and living their lives alongside each other. We know that families have parents, children, in-laws, grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles. Some families… Continue reading What Are 12 Ways To Grow Your Family? (Without Pregnancy!)

When your baby turns 3…

Today is officially Benjamin’s birthday- our “baby” is 3. I know how this feels and I know what to expect because our babies have turned 3 before, a few times actually. I know that when the baby turns 3 you find that on an occasional Saturday afternoon you are able to nap again on the… Continue reading When your baby turns 3…

Foster Parenting- 3 Types of Special Needs

I’ve heard it said many times that all foster children have some degree of special needs. And while that may be entirely true, there comes a point in your child’s care when your intuition will start telling you something else is just “off.” As a foster parent you learn to expect the fall out and… Continue reading Foster Parenting- 3 Types of Special Needs

8 Creative Ways to celebrate adoption besides “Gotcha Day”

It’s finally your adoption day! You’ve waited and prayed and worried while completing every background check, personal reference, and all those mounds of paperwork! It is time to CELEBRATE!!! So what can you do besides “Gotcha Day” that will last over the years? It needs to be fun for the kids, memorable for the adults,… Continue reading 8 Creative Ways to celebrate adoption besides “Gotcha Day”

Family Traditions and Foster Children

So you completed your training, you submitted all the references, you waited on a background check, and you’ve been waiting ever so patiently for your first foster care placement so you can welcome them with open arms…and then the call comes for your foster children! As we head into the holiday season, we especially begin… Continue reading Family Traditions and Foster Children

Jeremiah 29:11

Just over ten years ago, I found out that I would be an “aunt” again. I sat in the living room of our house with a "close-to-due-date mama" and tried to ignore some of the elephant’s that were also in the room with us when she told me. What had mama been doing for prenatal… Continue reading Jeremiah 29:11