A new year, A fresh start.

Getting lost in the busy-ness is so easy that sometimes you put aside the things you really like to do for the stuff that shows up, the stuff that needs to get done, the stuff that can’t come second.

I was able to take some time out to write my yearly summary post on Facebook the other day but wanted to make sure it made it to the blog too. It’s been almost a whole year, my last post was in April of 2018.

I took the time to go through our calendar with the kids so that I would remember all of the goodness that this year brought for our family and it was really amazing to think back on how much had happened. Nearly each line of my Facebook post could’ve stood alone as story-worthy. Each event was a tale to tell… and still I didn’t write.

So, I am going to take some of my own advice and just begin here again. It’s so important to live in the moments and not be too consumed with documenting them but, I am going to start looking for a happy medium, starting with sharing this simple repost.

“2018, wow.

Chace turned 10. He went to Camp Fowler for the first time this past summer. And he started playing trumpet in band.
I brought Dixie home.
Ben turned 3 this year and is potty trained. No more diapers to buy after this year! Like, ever! He’s our baby, HUGE win.
Bobby turned 16! And got his permit.
We had some turnover in our rental properties, but all ended well. We gained a little more “landlord wisdom”.
Bob and I took our pistol permits classes.
Noah turned 5, which means we sent another kindergartner off to school this September! And he lost his first tooth this year.
Bob and I took a bucket list type of trip to celebrate him turning 40 this year as well as celebrating our 15th Anniversary! We saw California and Alaska. We attended the beautiful wedding of my cousin Lauren and went snowmobiling through the Alaskan glacier lakes (my first time ever on a snowmobile).
Tara took our yearly Easter picture of the kids because we were away. (Thank you Tara)
Ciera, Davena and Kyle attended their first prom.
Bob hit the jackpot 50-50 with the kids at Lebanon Valley’s Eve of Destruction!
At home, we spent the majority of this year with no oven. Of course it was well worth the anticipated new kitchen!
We also added a small pool deck!
I lost 35lbs!
I took the summer off to celebrate the adoptions from last year.
We went camping, we went to the family reunion (so much love) we went to Worship in the Adirondacks with our church family and Julie and Jenna.
Dustin was baptized!
Kyle started tennis!
Bobby made another movie at summer camp.
Colbie started with braces, Davena got hers off.
Bobby, Ciera, Davena and Kyle all worked their first jobs at Kay’s pizza.
We visited Hick Finns Playland and the Sprinkler Park for the first time…
Ciera became President of World of Difference.
Bob was sworn in as a volunteer firefighter.
I started a completely new job in September with the NYS Small Business Development Center. Meeting new coworkers and learning new things, (huge leap out of my comfort zone with that one)
It was easier to get away for a night with so many big kids at home and the help of Tyanna or grandma. So we did Lake George and Cabelas overnight, just us!
The big kids started an annual Halloween party and we traveled to the Great Jack O’ Lanturn Blaze. We hosted (my favorite holiday) Thanksgiving dinner! We even saved Christmas on the magical express this year with all of our cousins!
Another monumental year from the Sherman crew.
Half the plans we make, the other half happen and we roll with it.
God is great. Life is good.”

Today is always a good day to begin.

Happy 2019 Friends!


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