Uneventful Weekends.

Bob went on an ice fishing trip this past weekend. I was home with the kids.

Once he returned home on Sunday I was curious to hear how his weekend was- he shared stories of a broken snow mobile, freezing temperatures and no fish… not really my idea of a good time but still, it was time with “the guys” and a brief pause in our day to day routine and I think he enjoyed it.

When he asked how my weekend with the kids was, I responded –“Eh. Pretty uneventful actually”. And we started getting food prepped for the Super bowl & Ben’s 3rd Birthday that we were hosting later that same evening.

Then Colbie came running in to show dad her missing front tooth that she had pulled out the night before.

“Oh yea, Colbie lost a tooth and the tooth fairy came.”

“And Kyle straightened Colbie’s hair for her this morning”

Then Noah came into the kitchen asking for snacks and Bob noticed the scrape on his forehead.

“Oh, right, Noah face planted on the kitchen stair Friday night, he got quite the bump, sheered his glasses in half, but he was okay after some ice and I already drove down to the optometrist and had them replaced.”

Then as he was getting a snack, I remembered to show Bob the coupon deals I had found.

“I ended up at Shoprite Saturday, and then Price Chopper Sunday with Ciera while you were gone, I wanted to make sure to get the weekly deals”

And we went on preparing the food…

“Yes actually, I did get my nails painted Saturday, you like them?”

“Bobby’s practice went well on Friday night he had a good time, there was a scrimmage”

“I watched Baby V [our nephew] on Saturday night… their babysitter cancelled last minute…he was so cute… he really likes Chace”

“Bobby earned his Xbox back- he stacked all the wood by himself- there was a whole lesson about working smarter so you don’t have to work harder that played out and he is back on track with his homework”

“Ben didn’t fall asleep until midnight…”

“The puppy is doing well going outside…”

“We attempted scraping the ice from the walkway all weekend…unsuccessfully really”

“But we did keep the house (mostly) clean, the laundry caught up, and the dishes are done at least”

And that’s when Bob started loading the woodstove and the snow started piling up outside and I just laughed.

“I’m just glad you’re home.”

“Why, so I can start the woodstove?”

“No because we missed you and it’s just nice to have another adult to do all of this uneventful stuff with.”



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