Attention Shoppers!

There are no .25 cent socks left at the local drugstore because I just Bought. Them. All.

Who else is a sucker for a good deal?!?!?

I innocently stopped out for cough and cold medicine last night on my way to get the baby from daycare and there it was- the glorious 75% off clearance aisle! All red, green, and bedazzled just staring right at me. All “Christmas” items- basically pretty close to free.

In case you were wondering how we fund our larger than, but less than, extravagant life… it is made up of many moments such as this. I bought all the socks that were not red and green. All of them.

Sometimes the cash flow isn’t cash- it’s creative. Or opportunities like this.

Cashier probably thinks I’m nuts- she asked if I had lots of kids actually and for some reason I only answered “Yup, 6 boys” …I mean, what a loaded question lady- you think that answer was stunning, and I didn’t even get to finish with “and 4 girls”.

My season of couponing is sorely missed right now and I realize how much money is wasted without spending that time perusing the deals in the weekly circulars. So starting next week I’m going to dive back in. Feel free to follow along for what I find on the way. I’m all about bragging rights and sharing the deals I find with all of you.

I anticipate shelves of shampoo and body wash- lots of cheap cereal and hopefully some snack items.

Back before we built an addition on to our house we had a “porch” / “mud room” in the back. The walls were held up by shelves of various items like deodorant, room fresheners, spices and stuffing mixes and we had enough not only for us but enough to give some away!

I don’t buy “wasteful” items that we won’t use, but I do buy lots of duplicates. What do I care if the room freshener is cinnamon spice all year round if I got it for next to nothing? Or if I have enough toothpaste for us, the kids, and their friends? So be it. It’s not going bad anytime soon.

So starting next week- I have to start it again. I really miss it and between an email from my friend with her latest (amazing) haul and that fabulous sock find, I know what I’ll be doing next Sunday night.

No shame here. Whether you have 10 kids or 2- there is no sense in throwing money away. Tell me some of the best deals you ever scored in the comments!


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