It’s not the full moon.


This is the destruction that one breakfast leaves behind.

We don’t have a dishwasher for 2 reasons.

  1. I set the only one we ever did have on fire a few years ago and we replaced it with another fridge.
  2. Every meal would be another load of dishes and we would just create a vicious cycle of loading the dishwasher, running it, and taking the dishes right back out for the next meal. I wanted to see what my dishes would look like put away.

But I digress…

I am feeling it today folks, the Christmas countdown.

My work is in the busiest season of the year- budget season! Which means I am in a lot of meetings and playing catch up every time I get back to my desk.

The kids are sending me texts non-stop to grab gifts for their friends, supplies for their parties at school, or even just to remind me that they are staying after with friends for school events.

Moose’s recent eye appointment went well but we are talking about surgery and he needs another set of glasses…

There are a lot of balls in the air right now and Santa is on his way. I feel like I don’t have time for a house guest who requires so much of me considering he only comes for a moment on one night a year.

But here is the good news… I get to be the adult. I can make decisions about how I react and navigate this crazy time with as much grace as I can muster up. I am in control of my attitude towards my workload and I get to enjoy the rewards that will come with my persistence. (I can also have a glass of wine at the end of these longer days or vent to my friends on the phone or take a nice hot shower to wind me down if need be.)

Your kiddos don’t have the same coping skills or options for relief that adults do when it comes to “insert your crazy time here” stress. So guess what it looks like…

Tantrums. Acting up. Acting out. Talking back. Falling asleep on the couch. Not hungry. Super hungry. All of the above. Or something else entirely. You know your kiddos best.

Here is the issue when we are facing our long days… we don’t have time or patience for any of it. Sometimes it is hard to see past our own moments of exhaustion and frustration to appreciate that the kids are feeling it too. It’s hard to bite your tongue, ignore the ‘tude, and walk away. I see so many parents just all out losing it. And I am telling you- I get it. I am right there with you- I know how long the days are. But take a look around, notice your environment, take it into consideration, and then consider extending grace instead.

You can do this. And so can I.

So today I will do the dishes. I will even complete the work laid out at my job. I will hopefully get some more wrapping done, and I will referee the house for the few hours before bedtime that I will spend with my overtired kiddos. I will choose grace for them and a little for myself too.

Because one of us has to be the adult and lucky for them, today it’s going to be me.


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