The North Pole is COLD. And other revelations brought on by the kids.

About 5 years ago, a good friend of mine invited me and the younger half to the North Pole (the NY edition of course). There is a tiny theme park filled with loads of nostalgic rides and SANTA but you know what else I learned about the good ole North Pole. It’s cold. Really… the headlines should’ve read the next day “Mom and children lose limbs to frostbite due to weather at the North Pole. Mom says she didn’t know it would be cold.” I think I lost like 50 parenting points that day with my little travelers. The sad reality of that bitter cold day was, we were dressed in gloves and hats and coats but we would’ve been better in full snow gear. And we were so consumed with our body temperatures dropping that we missed a lot of the joy the place tried to provide us. I mean, how did I not expect the North Pole to not be cold???

Here are some other parenting fails that I totally looked back and thought how the heck did I not see that coming???

  1. I didn’t pack a diaper bag to “run a quick errand”. Guess whose kid sprung into spontaneous vomiting on the way back? (Luckily I had my sister with me who had brought her diaper bag to pillage through and save the day, all this right after I had just told her why I didn’t need to pack a diaper bag EVERY time I ran out) Lesson; It is bad karma to not pack the diaper bag.
  2. I waited ‘til the kids were just about asleep to take a shower. Guess who is never as asleep as they look? And guess who you won’t hear over your singing in the shower? And guess who is gonna pay for this? (It’s not the kids) Lesson; Have a look out, wait for mid-naptime, stop showering (?)…
  3. I turned my back on my coffee cup for one half of a millisecond. Let’s all appreciate that my carpet has no feelings. Lesson; Treat your coffee like it is attached to your hand, don’t put it down until it’s gone.
  4. I talked up all of the super fun plans I had in mind, thinking I could choose just one or two of the ideas to do later. In front of the kids. Lesson; There is no later, kids remember everything. They like all the plans.
  5. I meal prepped and planned and cooked a nice dinner. Lesson; Cook for yourselves, the kids like pizza.

Let’s have some fun, tell me your “well, one time …” and what you learned from it! You know, before we were all parenting experts of course 😉




2 thoughts on “The North Pole is COLD. And other revelations brought on by the kids.

  1. Love your stories! My fail story would be The splash zone at sea world really does mean you will get soaked !!! Looking at the bleachers I thought well maybe just a little wet, boy was I wrong. Somewhere between the toddler screaming who doesn’t like being splashed with water and my mascara dripping down my face I realized OK I’ll know better next time LOL. Needless to say the park knows what they’re doing when they sell towels outside the Shenmue show gate for very high price. Lesson learned~

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