Father’s Day 2017

Happy Fathers Day to my very best friend, to someone who is often flying blindly into growing up, raising kids, and building a life, as much as I am- you set the bar high when it comes to being a dad.
For all the moments in between the polished pictures, for the 90% of dinners for our army that I don’t cook, the 10 pumpkins every Halloween that don’t carve themselves, the cuts and scrapes I send to you because I can’t look, the bedrooms for our babies I didn’t have to paint, the yard they play in that I’ve never thought about weed whacking, the dreaded Dyken Pond trip you get suckered in to each year, and for finding the perfect dress after 50 for a girls shopping trip you came to just for the dinner afterwards
We love you, we’re proud to call you ours, and you give our babies something to live up to!


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