Some weeks have 5,983 days…

Let me tell you something. We are BUSY and not like a keep up the pace, there is a lot on the calendar busy but in a what-can-get-eliminated-today type of busy! 10 kids is no joke, even when I joke about it. We are constantly reprioritizing and negotiating to get everything done. There are times when I see why families with lots of kids just do it all differently…

Homeschool? Makes sense considering lunches can be done in bulk, and each kid doesn’t need 2 sets of snow pants so that one can stay at school (that 20 freakin’ pairs of snow pants!)…our kids are in SIX different schools/ preschools this year. SIX. That is six different schools for Open Houses, concerts, sports schedules, picture days – you see what I’m saying? Home school makes sense when I think of it that way.

And then I think of the household chores… all twelve of us are up and out by 8:20- it takes 3 hours just to leave our house! 2 kids are driven, 3 separate bus runs… UGH that’s a lot of deadlines for one morning, EVERY DAY. So guess when we are picking up our laundry and doing those morning dishes? Not then. Does it kill you a little inside to know our dishes and laundry stay put all day- it already killed me but I’ve been revived because someone has to make sure we don’t let the mess turn to actual filth… so we clean up after school in between homework and whatever events there are that evening. And try to make up for it on the weekends.

Yesterday went like this after our 3 hour morning;

8 am, get to work, meetings, quick lunch with the SIL, meetings, ask the husband to grab me a Cranberry juice that I can grab when I get home because I am thirsty

4pm leave work, pick up D at our house, book it to D’s school for 4:30, forget the cranberry juice (speeding may or may not have occurred)

4:35pm get to D’s school for her parent teacher conference

THEY are running later, meeting starts at 5 ends at 5:30

6:15pm get home with D, quickly print last pic for Science Fair, paste poster together, swap kids and get back in the car

6:30pm Science Fair at the Elementary school for the two little C’s

8pm Participation certificates in hand, we head to Cumby’s for ice cream- which is how I convince the little C’s to leave 30 min early from the Fair

8:15pm Pick up little B from basketball at the High School

Basketball runs LATE

8:35pm I am home, kids want to have a snack, one little C needs a shower, the other will wait until morning

8:45pm I declare I am watching the last 15 minutes of Greys Anatomy, and microwave some pasta from dinner, and send kids off to bed (I forget my juice completely)

And meanwhile, my husband is doing the same thing! Because that schedule I just wrote up was only for FOUR of our ten kids. He made dinner, did homework, got N from his B2H program, picked up C from Stage Crew, took little B to basketball and got the babiest of our tribe off to bed- after working all day too.

Oh yes we are tired! And we are busy! But you know something we are doing it, one day at a time…

Some weeks are longer than others for sure, this week was a realllly long one- and other than the busyness you know how I know? Because today when nothing else was written on our calendar THIS was- and I can tell you our whole house feels it.

So one last list for your week friends;

10 ways to do nothing! When you want to do nothing…

  1. Don’t drop out of high school
  2. Skip the list, close the laptop, and do nothing.



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