Sweet 16

Happiest 16th Birthday! You have been set apart since before your mother and I ever crossed paths, long before you and I first met and even before anyone knew whether you were a boy or a girl or what you were going to be named.

Your determination and strength is inspirational and your humor is infectious. Your perseverance shines in everything you’ve confronted, changed, or accomplished. Make no mistake, those attributes were given to you with purpose.

So remember that as you take some of these next steps towards adulthood. The car, the job, and the college plans are second to your relationship with God. He can make ways where we cant, he fights for us, and he is a great comfort in the rocky times.

Praying for you, your dreams, (and your dad and I ) as we navigate this next phase together.22228114_10208096197083156_5166120938717129764_n


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