2017 was pasta. 2018, homemade mashed potatoes.

Leave it to me to compare my life to food but that’s what I think about when I reflect on 2017. Dinner is dinner is dinner, but when it comes to options there are some very real differences. Pasta is a comfort food, its good in a pinch, its cheap, its reliable- you can always… Continue reading 2017 was pasta. 2018, homemade mashed potatoes.


The 10th welcome home story.

In all my life I have never had a moment like the moment I met our youngest baby, Benjamin. I told you how the phone rang again that first December just about 3 weeks after Moose arrived…well when that phone call came things were still up in the air. We had just met Moose’s parents for… Continue reading The 10th welcome home story.

It’s not the full moon.

This is the destruction that one breakfast leaves behind. We don’t have a dishwasher for 2 reasons. I set the only one we ever did have on fire a few years ago and we replaced it with another fridge. Every meal would be another load of dishes and we would just create a vicious cycle… Continue reading It’s not the full moon.

Foster Care and your “circle”.

Foster care challenges your heart and your relationships. That’s the truth of it. Once that call comes and a child is on their way, your brain just starts spinning with the how and why- you begin logistically planning how to blend in another family member. That’s not to say that the  excitement of meeting a… Continue reading Foster Care and your “circle”.

Practice makes (closer to) perfect.

  About 7 kids ago, I remember dreading the grocery store. My three babies were ages 2 ½, 14 months, and my youngest was a newborn. I couldn’t even think about how I could get them all safely into a shopping cart much less add groceries to that cart and make it out of the… Continue reading Practice makes (closer to) perfect.

Lists, Bins, Naps, or Jesus

I can never go more than a few days without the infamous question “So how exactly do you do it all? With 10 kids, 2 jobs outside the home in addition to our rental properties and my newest blogging adventure it does seem like quite a lot to be able to cover it all. And… Continue reading Lists, Bins, Naps, or Jesus

‘Twas the season… to meet “Moose”

It was just after Thanksgiving, our big adoption had finalized that past year and things were really feeling “settled”. We hadn’t ended our time as foster parents entirely, knowing that we could provide respite to friends of ours and that we would have a quicker connection to any resources we would possibly need in the… Continue reading ‘Twas the season… to meet “Moose”

Choosing Joy this season.

  Have you just been checking off the boxes and going through the motions this season? I mean, in our house we track the gifts with a spreadsheet for goodness sakes- so I am right there with ya! The tree is up – check! The cookies are made- check! The kid’s snow boots are out… Continue reading Choosing Joy this season.

… when it’s not our story to tell.

For all the stories I have to share there are a million more that you will never get to hear. I don’t think of myself as an extremely private person, and since all of my children are now adopted, I am not necessarily bound by the guidelines of foster care right now, so there is… Continue reading … when it’s not our story to tell.

The North Pole is COLD. And other revelations brought on by the kids.

About 5 years ago, a good friend of mine invited me and the younger half to the North Pole (the NY edition of course). There is a tiny theme park filled with loads of nostalgic rides and SANTA but you know what else I learned about the good ole North Pole. It’s cold. Really... the… Continue reading The North Pole is COLD. And other revelations brought on by the kids.